Laver & Wood Butterfly

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This bat is made from our specially selected Butterfly willow. This much loved bigger edge profile is ideal for stroke players at the top of the order that need bat speed and balance to craft a long innings and put a high value on their wicket. The bat also has a very powerful hitting zone.

  • Willow Selection

    The timber we use is Salix Alba Caerulea (Cricket Bat Willow), grown in England. The willow is renewably harvested across the whole of England and sold through the wood yards of Essex and Suffolk. Most manufacturers obtain their willow from suppliers in the south of England; the largest of which are J.S Wright and Sons. The willow is supplied as clefts; nowadays usually kiln dried.

    Willow arrives at Laver & Wood in raw clefts pre graded by J S Wright & Sons. When the Willow is processed at Laver & Wood it will be regraded cosmetically. After it is pressed it is regraded again on performnace. Examples of these Willow Grades can been seen bellow and are as follows: Legend (Grade 2), Butterfly (Butterfly stained Willow), Special Reserve (Grade 1 Performance), Private Bin (Grade 1), Reserve (Grade 1 Elite) and Signature (Rare limited stock Grade 1 Elite Willow).



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    Weight Selection

    Sometimes players may find that they like a particular weight but, for instance, prefer a longer blade due to the fact this will help with back pain or if they are looking to make themselves stand up straighter. As a rule of thumb, if you normally use a 2lbs8oz bat in a standard short handle size, the weight for a long blade will be 2lbs9ozs. This is due to the extra length right at the toe of the bat. It will also feel more ‘toe heavy’ than what you are used to, as the extra length moves the bat’s ‘centre of gravity’ further away from your hands. The same principles apply to a long handled bat due to pushing the weight further away from your hands.

    Measured in inches. -1 is a super short handle. 0 is a short handle (normal) and +1 is a long handle.

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    The standard cane handle is what most bats have been made with for the past hundred years and more.
    It is reasonably flexible and gives batsmen a great idea of how hard they have hit the ball without even needing to watch where the ball has gone.
    We recommend this bat for traditional players who are just as concerned with placement rather than power.
    The flexibility of the handle is essentially wasted energy so, whilst allowing for awesome performance, the biggest hitters out there might prefer something different.

    This handle is for players looking for ultimate performance.
    The carbon fibre insert into the top of the handle stiffens this section and limits flex.
    As mentioned above flexibility is wasted energy so the CarboCane technology allows for this power to transmit back through the face of the bat and into every shot you play.
    An extra 10% of power might not sound like much but can turn a one bounce four, or a boundary catch, into a comfortable six.

    The C-Ten is incredibly popular amoung Laver & Wood customers.
    Due to the honeycomb structure at the top of the handle it is reasonably rigid so performance is increased (similar to the CarboCane offering) but it is not so stiff that it feels strange in the hands.
    The other main benefit is that the clear resin used to infuse and secure the honeycomb is heavier than the cane it replaces. This brings the balance point of the bat further up the blade towards the hands and therefore makes it feel lighter.
    These factors improve balance and performance which are the two main factors looked for in an elite cricket bat.


    Measured in inches. -0.5 is a short blade. 0 is a standard blade (normal) and +1 is a long blade.

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