Kodiak Bear Cricket Bat


Having made it into the Top 10 in the All Out Cricket Gear Test 2017, Bear Cricket are proud to introduce the new and improved 2018 Kodiak Cricket Bat range! Redesigned to meet MCC regulations, with just as much bite as before – maintain your place in the food chain and keep control of your prey with the biggest bat in our range.

Shaped to allow for the maximum amount of willow in the hitting area, coupled with a light and balanced pick up, these supersized clefts will help feed your hunger for runs. With a mid sweet spot this is perfect for the expansive stroke-maker.

Each of these bats ae handmade by Bear Crickets master bat maker with premium Grade 1 English Willow grown in private forests here in the UK and comes pre-knocked in with an anti-scuff and edging tape applied.


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