Chase FLC Cricket Bat


Premium willow

Entertain with confidence at the crease. For ultimate performance, our top of the range bat is selected from the top 4% of our English willow. Premium willow with a massive drive zone is excellent for all round play. Its low sweet spot and big profile provides maximum momentum from pick-up to shot.

Pro-grip. Multi-textured, high quality latex
Prevents movement through the shot

Traditional semi-oval handle
For ultimate comfort and control

Grip-grab applied to all bats
Secures grip in position, no need for tape

Chrome printed and embossed labels

Massive drive zone
Excellent for all round stroke play

A mid-low sweet spot
Maximum momentum from pick-up to shot

An 8 inch performance zone

Semi-flat face profile
To maximise edge size

Angled toe
Prevents feathering caused by tapping down

Rubber toe guard
Prevents water damage


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