Ayrtek RawAYR Carbon Helmet


The RawAYR  finish is one of the most popular that we offer as it showcases the Carbon Fibre weave that the shell is made from. This provides a unique look as well as a superior strength:weight ratio, the RawAYR comes fitted with a Grade 5 Titanium grille as standard.

Using the patented Air Cushion Impact System (A.C.I.S™) liner it allows for a fully bespoke fit to be achieved providing both comfort and safety to the user. This system allowed the user to pump air into the liner to make it smaller and thus achieving a customised fit.

The RawAYR also features our 4 point attachment chin-strap that acts to minimise forefront wobble and adds to helmet stability when wearing the helmet.

Size Range– 53cm-64cm

Approx Weight- 630g

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