AURA Women’s Elite Padding Set


Women’s Compression Shorts

AURA compression shorts are built with internal pockets that house the AURA thigh guard and inner thigh guard. The AURA Compression Shorts are made from liquid titanium, moisture wicking fabric, improving blood flow for increased physical performance.

Women’s Elite Thigh Guard

AURA thigh guard protects batsman’s front leg sitting within AURA compression shorts, the thigh guard molds to the batsman’s leg for greater comfort and mobility.

AURA thigh guards absorb and instantly dissipate up to 90% of the balls force when impacted, providing superior impact protection. Materials are soft and flexible contouring to your body for a personalised fit.

Women’s Elite Inner Thigh Guard

AURA Inner thigh guard sits on the batsman’s back leg within the AURA compression shorts delivering outstanding protection and comfort.

AURA thigh guards absorb and instantly dissipate up to 90 percent of balls force when impacted, providing superior protection, yet contour to your body to maximise comfort.

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