Aldred Spectre Grade 1 Cricket Bat


The Spectre meaning an image from the past, that is exactly what this is. The spectre is a full bodied blade with the focus being on keeping as much wood in the hitting zone as possible whilst not only keeping a big edge profile but also the bonus as a batter looking down the back of the blade appears to be a nice wide and full giving you ultimate confidence in the bat you are using. The pickup and feel of the Spectre is nothing short of remarkable and has astounded many who have come into the workshop that it can contain so much willow whilst having such a refined pick up. Pressed to perfection as with all our bats this is in my opinion on its way to being a classic in its own right and is only enhanced by its beautifully designed embossed stickers which truly allow it and its owner to stand out from the rest whilst maintaining our renowned classic look.


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