Laver & Wood

Laver & Wood set out to produce the finest cricket bats in the world. They use traditional hand crafting techniques that allow them to get the best out of every cleft of willow. They believe in customising bats to individual specifications.

The Right Bat for Each Cleft

Laver & Wood grade their willow very carefully, going through at least four gradings before finally determining what type of bat the cleft will produce. This careful grading process and the attention that comes from hand making bats means they believe they are unrivaled in getting the best performance out of each cleft that comes into our workshop.

Investing in Customer Service

Laver & Wood stand behind their product. Rather than spending vast amounts of money on sponsoring international players they choose to spend heavily on customer service. They look after our customers and their bats because we believe that the best bats need to be matched with the best customer service.

Traditional Batmaking

As cricket bat making becomes more and more mass machine produced the craft of batmaking is being lost. We believe using traditional methods makes the best bats. It allows for each cleft to be treated on its own merits.

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